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position: back
tall body: 1.88m
heavy body: 78.0kg
origin: brasil
back number: 33

Player nameds complete alex rodrigo mengas care of costa this begin the professional career at club santos, brasil in the year 2002. year 2004, he actually recruited chelsea. but, because work contract problem and licensing, he is final lent to psv eindhoven from year 2004 up to 2007.

alex migration official new to chelsea in 2 augusts 2007. he is even also introduced to public by instructor jose mourinho with costume bernomor back 33 in 14 augusts 2007.

but, up to now he is not yet can to shifted duet death chelsea john ry-ricardo carvalho. alex still always be envoy both. although still often occupy reservist seat, alex also decorate skuad timnas brasil since year 2002.


Ashley Cole

position: back
tall body: 1.72m
heavy body: 67.0kg
origin: english
back number: 3

Ashley cole has quality to help to assault with survive of equal quality. speed memilikinya make player births london this can to progress to help attack with give accurate cross baits.

dispute that undergone left back sylvinho at season 2000/2001 make cole get to chance to play at principal team arsenal. after be principal choice at kernel team the gunners in five seasons, cole decide to hengkang to chelsea at season 2006/2007.

transfer cole this end transfer case sempat make self pays fine 100 thousands pounds 2 junes 2005. to get cole, chelsea must pay five millions pounds plus william gallas to arsenal.

first season cole with the blues is said enough disappoint, especially because dispute knee that make it absent during four months. but, now he has found the gold touch has returned up to always be principal choice either in era jose mourinho also avram grant. with luiz felipe scolari, he hope to then can defend the position at skuad the blues and also timnas english.

Branislav Ivanovic

position: back
tall body: 1.88m
heavy body: 74.0kg
origin: sr serbia
back number: 2

star timnas serbia this is memboyong chelsea in 15 januaries 2008 from lokomotiv moscow with fee transfer as big as 9 million pounds. back nameds complete branislav “bane” ivanovic this get contract during 3,5 year from the blues.

the professional career is begun when joint forces with fc srem sremska mitrovica before joint forces with ofk beograd in 2003. after three year weed at league serbio montenegro, ivanovic tread on the foot at russia with unite fc lokomotiv moscow in 2006.

with timnas serbia, the game even also enough glaring. joint forces with u-21 in the year 2006, ivanovic menoreh 4 goals in 33 fight. natural, if at year same, he enters timnas senior and menoreh one goal in 9 fight.

since joint forces with the blues, ivanovic not yet even if perfominged as starter by instructor avram grant that time because fitness reason. now, with instructor anyar luiz felipe scolari, aged back 24 year wants to show best ability.

John Terry (Captain)

position: back
tall body: 1.88m
heavy body: 75.0kg
origin: english
back number: 26

version best player pfa (association pesepakbola professional) at season 2004/2005 is one of [the] career trip note john ry. captain chelsea this be indivisible pillar at hind line the blues moment they championize premier league two seasons beruntun.

natural, if ry this has highest salary at chelsea. player timnas this english wageds 130.000 pounds per week at stamford bridge.

clever read game with simplely moment survive to be surplus that has ry. unfortunately although play good at season 2006/2007, champion degree premier league must fly to manchester united.

season 2007/08, as bightmare for ry. the captain fails to bestow one gelarpun to public stamford bridge. in league finals champions 2008 oppose manchester united, ry be actor most sorrow. fitting understood, he fails menyarang the round skin to goal edwin van der sar in fights penalty. while, if shooting ry enter, chelsea ascertained jawara europe.

now, with instructor luiz felipe scolari, ry try to forget bightmare at moscow. ry want to return the blues to new triumph.

Jose Bosingwa

position: back
tall body: 1.83m
heavy body: 71.0kg
origin: portugal
back number: 16

Many sides that claimed if jose bosingwa be best right back at world in this time. simple in survive and aggresive in help attack one of [the] ability baiknya.

11 mays 2008, he is migration to chelsea follow to huddle it instructor luiz felipe scolari with fee transfer in the amount 16.3 million pounds with contract berdurasi three year. the arrival certain it future memperketat rivalitas at right back the blues.

player nameds complete jose bosingwa care of silva this begin when joint forces with sc freamunde in the year 2001 before migration to boavista fc one year then. brilliance meraihnya when mencomot by jose mourinho to fc porto in the early season 2003/04.

berawal from halfback position survives, bosingwa exactly come up memukau when memplot as right back moment porto at bump into player crisis. even, contagious the brilliance at entrenchment timnas portugal. he can to remove miguel. he is even also be principal choice moment timnas portugal comes up at euro 2008.

now, be architect luiz felipe scolari, bosingwa want meretas career at premier league with chelsea.

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Petr Cech

position: goalkeeper
tall body: 1.97m
heavy body: 87.0kg
origin: rep czech
back number: 1

Presence petr cech under goal ruler the blues make their goal is difficult menembus opponent assailant. kesigapan, handiness with reflexly incredible be asset principal a petr cech.

pulled from stade rennes with value seven million pounds, cech direct be first one goalkeeper chelsea. although carlo cudicini at previous season comes up incredible, cech direct mengusur that italian origin goalkeeper position.

even, although lunged dispute in the head, performance cech still very mumpuni. possible, he only goalkeeper at world that use password motorcycle helmet moment play ball.

at league finals champions year 2008, cech fail to see off chelsea be champion. the blues lose in fight penalty on manchester united.

Henrique Hilario

position: goalkeeper
tall body: 1.89m
heavy body: 85.0kg
origin: portugal
back number: 40

Imported as pelapis petr cech and carlo cudicini summer 2006, hilario exactly come up earlier because dispute that undergone two goalkeepers. not half-hearted first appearance hilario brace the blues happen when the team meets europe giant, barcelona at league champions.

although only be third goalkeeper, hilario be heavy competitor for cudicini. proved at season 2006/2007, hilario several times chosen instructors jose mourinho than cudicini. although such, up to now he is permanent memplot as third goalkeeper “the blues”.

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Club and Player



Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS Tel: 0870 300 2322
Stamford Bridge

Club called the blues this be one of [the] successful example at cauldron premier league. at era 1990-an, chelsea menyeruak step into board on premier league not get out of radical development from former the owner ken bates. history as board customer club middle try wiped off with enter it ruud gullit in season 1996.

here's resurrection beginning era the blues with style gullit that is known to named ”sexy football”. player legendaris that flamboyant dutch interestings several players top world to stamford bridge like roberto at matteo and gianfranco zola. the result, season 1997 they are menembus sixth rank at premier league and be cup champion fa.

after departure gullit, come gianluca vialli that bring chelsea grab cup winners and league cup. big name then arrives to belong marcell dessaily and mendier deschamps. triumph new chapter chelsea begun after enter it miliuner figure russia origin abramovich that injected fund triliunan rupiah to make chelsea as big strength at europe.

jose mourinho trusted abramovich guide chelsea as football powerhouse at blue continent. big name in a series comes to like mendier drogba, arjen robben, and joe cole. not yet counted andriy shevchenko or miichael ballack. era first degree mourinho is achieved season 2005 that is league cup champion. degree premier league also engkuh in season 2004/2005. this degree is defended season next although success grabed manchester united season 2006/2007.

season 2007/08, chelsea empty degree. one of [the] factor predominantly hengkang the instructor jose mourinho. as suksesor mourinho, avram grant only can to see off the blues be runner-up league champions and premier league.

now, figure abramovich even also try to open new copy by realizes dream makes chelsea big club at europe with soccer style atraktiv. first step mengambilnya with pulls of experience loaded instructor luiz felipe scolari. nationality instructor brasil this wants to try the fortune at premier league with chelsea with menggotong kind new the stars deco and jose bosingwa.

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